Free HTACCESS Password Generator

Use this free htaccess password generator to protect sensitive directories or pages on your web site.

When should I use .htaccess protection?

Say you have a wordpress site, and the login page keeps getting attacked, and you are on a host who does not provide any firewall, rather that waste time using a plugin to stop attacks, simply slam the door by adding a htaccess password prompt to stop those bots and unauthorized attempts.

Unlike using a plugin such as wordfence or login wall, the benefit of using htaccess password protection for your login pages is that PHP/MYSQL and CPU resource is not used so prevents overloading of your server.

This security measure can be used on any folder or individual file on your server.

Before You Start

You will need a couple of files to start with on your server.

FILE 1: .htaccess
The .htaccess file will include instructions on where the .htpasswd file is located. Put this file inside the directory you want to protect.

This is what the contents of the .htacess will look like (you only need to change AuthUserFile to the location of the .htpasswd file on your server)

AuthType Basic
AuthName "My Protected Area"
AuthUserFile /home/user/.htpasswd
Require valid-user

FILE 2: .htpasswd
The .htpasswd file will contain the username and password you will generate on this site. Try and put this file above the public_html root so its out of prying eyes.

Once you have the above set up, you are ready to rock and roll.

Ready? Start Here

In the fields below, enter the username and password you would like to use to protect a directory.

Our free tool will create a hashed password using the MD5 algorithm and create the correct format for you to insert into your .htpasswd file.

Privacy Statement
This tool is provided as a public service by me, Craig Edmonds. Your credential requests are not logged anywhere as I have no interest at all in your usernames and passwords, I have enough already. This free tool also uses SSL in order to protect your requests so noone is spying on your secret stuff. There is no google analytics, no secrtive tracking or cookie installs, no stupid newsletter popups to annoy you, no begging for donations, asking you to buy me beers or drive by installs, life is too short to be honest to be messing around with people and wasting their time. I just hope you find this tool useful like I do.

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